Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Hair We Go!

Off to Winchester I go, to get my hair restyled!

As much as I'd love my hair to be as long as the lovely lady pictured above, alas my hair does not visibly ever look any longer than it does right now. The true length of my hair is to my shoulder blades but it rests naturally just past my shoulders and a trait of naturally curly hair is, it often is tighter of curl at the back so unless it's addressed it will always appear to be 'going up' at the back. This is why I wear it up so often.

I've been debating for a while now as to whether I should get it cut shorter as I haven't been able to do a thing with it for a while now, I can't even get it to go up into my usual up-do properly. I can only assume it is getting longer which is pulling the curl out so it looks flat and rather frizzy. So, when Andy offered a special treat of my choice, I finally took the plunge.

I'm a little nervous as it's been years since I let anyone touch my hair. Stylists either cut off too much as they don't know how to manage naturally curly hair, or they're too nervous to cut much off so I end up with scaredy cat trims. I have had a wealth of salon trips from my childhood which I was just not happy with and a mere handful in adulthood, only two of which I was happy with.

Since Andy and myself have been together I have been to a salon four times. Twice I went to a salon in my hometown. The first time I was delighted with the 1920's style I got done but the second time I went to the same stylist, he cut my fringe wonkily and this scared me off salons for years.

I then splurged to go to a salon in Winchester to have a restyle with a stylist who I knew to be well known in his field for being an expert with curls, he didn't disappoint and left to his own devices he styled my hair into a 1930's do.

As I couldn't afford to go back to the wonderful stylist in Winchester, I went local as the salon assured me the top stylist knew how to deal with curls. He did not. He was a scaredy cat stylist who was only confident enough to trim the ends. This was in 2005. I have not set foot in a salon since.

But today I am back off to Winchester - yay!

See, this is what my hair used to look like, all the time, sometimes it was even bigger, but it's being so odd of late, for the past few months actually, and flat refuses to do this again. I'm hopeful that with some of the length/weight taken off, I'll have more volume.
Wish me luck!


  1. I'm not a fan of having my hair done either! A bad experience that has damaged my hair for life doesn't exactly give you faith in salons. Luckily for my my sister in law is a hairdresser and knows my hair well so I always have a go to person in her. She says that any good stylist will sit down and have a consultation with you first before they even go near your hair. I hope you have a wonderful time in Winchester.

  2. Oooh, how exciting!!! I am a scaredy cat with hair too but at least straight hair is ok to deal with!
    Fingerwave bob perhaps!?x

  3. I LOVE going to my hairdresser, and would go all the time if I could afford it!
    Good luck with the haircut, hope you're happy with the result. xxx

  4. Good luck! I hope they give you a lovely new 'do.

  5. I very much like how your hair looks in that last pic. I've spent several hundred hours of my life trying to make my hair look like that

  6. I'm a hairdresser-phobic, its been years since I went to one. Hope it turns out well and you're happy. x


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