Wednesday, 28 June 2017

National Treasures: Mottisfont Abbey & Hot Cross Bunnies

Wonky, Wonky!

Mottisfont Lane, Romsey SO51 0LP

After seeing the roses at Mottisfont, we went in the house, which seemed far cooler upon walking in, but after a little while of being inside, the heat there got to me too, and my (much denied by me) asthma was making me a tiny bit wheezy.

This was the first room we went in. A full shot wasn't practical considering how many people were in there at the time.
So, you'll have to make do with the smaller details.


Want this too.

Also want this.

It's not that I don't like it, but I don't really want the harpsichord, which you were allowed to play if you just checked with a volunteer first. The bunnies would chew the legs.

I'd rather like this too.

Moving on ...
I have always had an aversion to four poster beds with the covered top. My mind says murderers will be hiding atop the bed, waiting for dark to fall.

Detail of the original abbey


Next room ...

Dining room floor detail ...

Next room ...
Also want ...

Want this too ...

Entrance to, and actual maids quarters ...

I'd rather like this Hoover.

Deco detailing on a hat ...

Yes please.

I'll take the lot!

This was so clever and yes, I wanted this too.

So much want on such a small surface!


This'll be handy to put all my goodies in.

Lovely staircases ...

I loved the maids quarters and thought that was my favourite bit, until this!
I then proceeded to hold everyone up and a queue formed behind me...

Look how deep the bath is!

4711 perfume! I actually have some of that!

Original Tudor beams

It was really lovely inside, we got to see rooms we didn't last time and I just love the Edwardian era and all its trappings.

Next up, we went for a wander about the grounds and ended up walking along the river, which was so beautiful. The man who we passed who was trying to photograph either a damselfly or a dragonfly on his phone, was still there when we returned on the other side of the river! Exact same spot and you could see his desperation by this point!
I had no such problems.

Do you know how hard it was trying to get a picture on the bridge with no one else on it?

By the time we got back to the house, we both agreed that we had had enough, and after a quick turn about the gift shop, headed back to the car and after a short stop off ...

Bunny Lane Is In My Ears and In My Eyes!

... headed back home to the bunnies, who we had left with a fan on, next to their pen, but they were not happy with the weather and were not dealing well with the heat in our living room, which reached 82 Fahrenheit at one point in the evening.

We gave them an ice block wrapped in a towel which they promptly moved away from.
I then pointed the fan right at them until it ruffled their fur and lo, they did move away and they did make us feel guilty for trying to make them cooler.

It very much smacked of, "But we were happy there! Why did you put that cold thing on us? I don't care if we're hot, you had no right to do that! You left us alllll day and then you came home and you did that! We're going to go over there now, when we were happy where we were and we will smoodge together until we're even hotter and it'll ALL BE YOUR FAULT!"

Bunnies. What can you do?


  1. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing your visit! My husband always says he likes the servant quarters best. The NT always fill them with such interesting things!

    1. Thank you!
      I think it's because it's more relatable than 'upstairs'. I'm finding myself rather drawn to the bathrooms of late xxx

  2. Sigh...💐 Funny bunnies...😉 Many thanks!

  3. Thank you for the tour. So many enviable items in that house.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I could have taken home an endless amount of items from this place!

  4. I love that picture of you reflected in the mirror and how lovely you look with everyone else shlepping around in vests and shorts (honestly, it's not hard to make an effort is it? I despair of the Brits when the sun's out!)
    I'm just like you, assessing what I can have in our house. The dressing table between the two windows with the wood floor and the cast iron radiators - that should be in my house along with the Persian rug, the sphinxes on the fireplace and the aqua bathroom suite.
    I've got a great idea, let's just move in and start a bloggers commune! xxx

    1. Thank you!
      I know! How hard is it to pull on a dress? It likely took all those people more effort to get dressed that day than it did me!
      Fantastic idea! A bloggers commune sounds perfect! It's got everything going for it design wise and look at all the places you could take photos for blogs! xxx

  5. OMG! I have almost the exact same green glass dressing table set - mine has a couple of extra, smaller pots, but the candlestick, pin dish and big pot are the same. (

    That's a jolly lovely house. You'd fit in perfectly there! And perhaps it would be cooler for the poor bunnies too...

    1. Oooh, yours is gorgeous! I don't even have a dressing table, least of all anything to put on it. Though I do have a plain glass tray which looks like it was once part of such a set. Mine has trinket boxes and a wooden duck on it!

  6. Beautiful i really love the bathroom

  7. What a great place, and the glimpses of the original abbey are quite cleverly done! There are quite of few things I would want too! Fabulous bathroom, I can quite understand why you were holding everyone up there. Great damselfly photo. It's definitely a damsel, as the dragons do not fold their wings. I love them both too, such elegant creatures. xxx

  8. Our bathroom suite is that colour! I've always fancied a harsichord in my house. Alas not!
    Bunny Lane was meant for you!


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