Monday, 17 July 2017

Kelly Ann and Pennywise

Did you miss me? Andy's been on holiday so I purposely stayed off line for
my own little holiday. 

For now, a quick outfit post which I forgot to post before Andy finished work. The place is in chaos and I want to get it back in order before I can even think about putting together new posts and reading blogs. 

* * *

Andy's choice on this day, Lindy Bop's 'Kelly Ann'.
I am so annoyed as either I have, ahem, increased in size up top, or this dress has shrunk.
Either way, it's definitely shorter than when I last wore it, a year ago (whoops!). 

Compare, contrast.
This year ...

Last year.
I added the broderie anglais trim to the hem, to make it this long as it was of course, too short, and now, although it fits well everywhere else, it feels too tight across my bust and is obviously much shorter.

Back to this year.

It is a pretty dress though, this is more typically the sort of dress I'd choose for myself, if I wasn't taking Andy's advice and jumping out of my comfort zone print and colour wise.

Pink and white chiffon hair scarves - charity shop and gift
Metal flower earrings - Accessorize
Dress- Lindy Bop 'Kelly Ann'
Petticoat - eBay
Shoes - retail

So, the past fortnight has seen lots of day trips which I'm looking forward to writing about here and I picked up a long neglected book to read ... Stephen King's 'It'. You may recall, I purchased this as my October read last year, but I always have difficulties with King's novels. Initially they are hard for me to get into and then suddenly, I am hooked and can't put them down and wade through huge swathes of the book in one sitting.

Short story:
This year there is a new adaptation of 'It' and the child actors were warned about how scary Pennywise was, as they weren't to see him until they were on set, so there would be a true sense of terror stemming from their first encounter. They insisted they were professionals and it would all be okay ... until they saw him that is and they were all terrified!

2017 Pennywise Vs 1990 Pennywise
Who's scarier?

Likewise, I was pre-warned that if I wasn't scared of clowns before reading 'It', I would be after and much like the child actors, I pooh-poohed this as it was only a book. Wrong! I am now starting to get a little spooked by clowns. Also, Andy said to me the other day while in the kitchen, "There's a balloon out here" and instead of thinking, "Oh, hot air balloon", which it was, I was automatically thinking of Pennywise and his red balloons. So that's clowns and balloons. Thank you Mr King, I very much appreciate it!

But for now, onward to domesticity! The bed is covered (no exaggeration) in clothes to be ironed, which I chose to ignore as it was my holiday too and I also got diagnosed with BPPV (Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) which on top of my permanent lack of balance and daily dizziness, has been enormous fun (she said sarcastically). So, I didn't really want to be stood at an ironing board in hot weather, with the sensation that someone was pushing me over.

So, I'm off, bye bye lovelies!


  1. I was only wondering where you were this morning! I rather like having an internet break, too - I've started having at least a day a week not switching on the PC (not having a fancy mobile phone, its the only way I can access the web).
    That dress is very pretty and very you. The earrings are gorgeous.
    BPPV sounds horrible, definitely no ironing. xxx

    1. Thank you!
      I have a smart phone but I prefer to use the desktop PC, my eyes get tired otherwise xxx

  2. Well, of course I missed you, Melanie! Oh dear, isn't it bothersome when this happens to a dress? It's still pretty, though, and I love the flower earrings! Sorry to hear about you being diagnosed with BPPV. Must be fun indeed ... Ironing isn't fun at the best of times, is it. Hope you'll feel a bit better soon. Big hug xxx

    1. Thank you Ann, hugs back. I've pretty much got used to feeling dizzy all the time, but the added interference of BPPV is a bore.
      I think it's happened to another dress too, which is twice as irksome xxx

  3. Shrinking dress tops, the story of my life. Sorry to hear about your BPPV stuff!!

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your vertigo. I've been dealing with it since April and it isn't much fun. I'm getting better at figuring out what sets it off but it has been an effort. I hope you are doing better soon.

    That's a lovely dress, tighter or looser, and your hair looks perfection.

    1. Oh I'm sorry you've been suffering from vertigo too, I hope you feel better soon as well. And thank you xxx

  5. You look so lovely in that dress and in pink! Sorry to hear about the BPPV...the ironing isn't going to go anywhere...don't worry about it. ;-)

    1. Thank you. The ironing is tackled and away, but is already building back up again!

  6. Vertigo is such a difficult thing to manage, I'm sorry to hear that you're affected by it.

    Dress looks shrunk rather than you being enlarged!! Pretty though x

    1. Thank you. Yes, I think it's definitely shrinkage, rather annoying xxx

  7. I think the original Pennywise was scarier because he's not trying quite as hard to be scary, if that makes sense. Plus the new one looks like they've half ripped-off The Joker.

    BPPV sounds like a nightmare! I hope it's something that goes away.

    1. I know exactly what you mean about Tim Curry's Pennywise, he looks somehow 'normal' and at place in the world, until he gets his teeth out! The new one looks sinister and very much like he doesn't belong in the real world, but I am impressed. He's the one I'd least like to bump in to. Also, the Joker is my favourite Batman villain, so the similarity is fine by me!

      I'm hoping the BPPV goes away too, it's bad enough always feeling dizzy anyway, so add this to the mix and it's incredibly disconcerting. I chose to use a lift in a building the other day as the stairs were slatted and are terrifying for me at the best of times, but the lift was just as horrible, I squinched my eyes closed the whole time xxx

  8. Nooooo, sorry to hear about the yucky vertigo! That is not fun- is it curable?
    You look sooooo pretty in this dress- I love it! I can't seem to tell the difference in the two pictures but it is late so maybe I should try again tomorrow!x


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