About Me ..

My name is Melanie, and I live in the south of England with my husband and house rabbits Bob and Belle.

My home is littered with knick knacks from different eras, salvaged and inherited furniture and things I have made.  
I am an old fashioned soul and do so love vintage clothing. Although I can't afford to clothe myself entirely in original pieces from the eras I love, I try to sew myself things to wear from original and repro patterns and treat myself when I can.

Fashion wise, I have over the years pottered in and out of different eras. As a little thing I favoured gingham, mop caps in public and a little older developed the idea that Roxy Music were the epitome of glamour. My first serious dabbling in different fashion eras started as a child with the fifties revival in the eighties, I loved the petticoats and pretty dresses and used to borrow Bill Haley records from the library.

In latter years I found myself again caught up in the 1950's. It was then a short fall headlong into the 1940's, where for many years myself and my husband participated in WWII re-enactments. Due to this involvement we have been extras in a short film featuring Russell Tovey and Sean Pertwee and in a music video for operatic starlet Claire Rutter.

Due to circumstances, we fell out of the WWII re-enactment scene and a few years ago now I felt myself being pulled back forward again to the 1950's, which is where fashion wise I am currently quite happy. It's an era I think suits my body shape and I have never felt more comfortable than I do now.

I have also dabbled in Edwardian clothing and Victorian too. I have a hankering for a Regency dress and got married in a mediaeval style wedding gown. 

I love films, particularly contemporary 1960's films, one of my favourites being 'Privilege'.  I also have a soft spot for 1980's American high school films, particularly those by John Hughes.