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Monday, 17 July 2017

Kelly Ann and Pennywise

Did you miss me? Andy's been on holiday so I purposely stayed off line for
my own little holiday. 

For now, a quick outfit post which I forgot to post before Andy finished work. The place is in chaos and I want to get it back in order before I can even think about putting together new posts and reading blogs. 

* * *

Andy's choice on this day, Lindy Bop's 'Kelly Ann'.
I am so annoyed as either I have, ahem, increased in size up top, or this dress has shrunk.
Either way, it's definitely shorter than when I last wore it, a year ago (whoops!). 

Compare, contrast.
This year ...

Last year.
I added the broderie anglais trim to the hem, to make it this long as it was of course, too short, and now, although it fits well everywhere else, it feels too tight across my bust and is obviously much shorter.

Back to this year.

It is a pretty dress though, this is more typically the sort of dress I'd choose for myself, if I wasn't taking Andy's advice and jumping out of my comfort zone print and colour wise.

Pink and white chiffon hair scarves - charity shop and gift
Metal flower earrings - Accessorize
Dress- Lindy Bop 'Kelly Ann'
Petticoat - eBay
Shoes - retail

So, the past fortnight has seen lots of day trips which I'm looking forward to writing about here and I picked up a long neglected book to read ... Stephen King's 'It'. You may recall, I purchased this as my October read last year, but I always have difficulties with King's novels. Initially they are hard for me to get into and then suddenly, I am hooked and can't put them down and wade through huge swathes of the book in one sitting.

Short story:
This year there is a new adaptation of 'It' and the child actors were warned about how scary Pennywise was, as they weren't to see him until they were on set, so there would be a true sense of terror stemming from their first encounter. They insisted they were professionals and it would all be okay ... until they saw him that is and they were all terrified!

2017 Pennywise Vs 1990 Pennywise
Who's scarier?

Likewise, I was pre-warned that if I wasn't scared of clowns before reading 'It', I would be after and much like the child actors, I pooh-poohed this as it was only a book. Wrong! I am now starting to get a little spooked by clowns. Also, Andy said to me the other day while in the kitchen, "There's a balloon out here" and instead of thinking, "Oh, hot air balloon", which it was, I was automatically thinking of Pennywise and his red balloons. So that's clowns and balloons. Thank you Mr King, I very much appreciate it!

But for now, onward to domesticity! The bed is covered (no exaggeration) in clothes to be ironed, which I chose to ignore as it was my holiday too and I also got diagnosed with BPPV (Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) which on top of my permanent lack of balance and daily dizziness, has been enormous fun (she said sarcastically). So, I didn't really want to be stood at an ironing board in hot weather, with the sensation that someone was pushing me over.

So, I'm off, bye bye lovelies!

Friday, 30 June 2017

Lana's Back

I chose my own dress this day!
This is another of my Lindy Bop 'Lana' dresses and is my current favourite, it's just so pretty.
Andy thinks it looks Christmassy with it's red, white and green floral print.
It also would be perfect for a trip to Wales, or to just accompany Meirionwen somewhere, but maybe that's just too subtle a Welsh reference?

So far I have shown you four of my 'Lana's'. My turquoise and leopard ones feel not so full in the skirt and are a little shorter, while this and the green one are longer and both feel a little looser in the bodice with the skirts looking and feeling far more voluminous and this one has pockets.

I have also had my hair cut and dyed. Crikey, it's short!
It isn't clipped up in any way at all here, this is it worn loose!

I wanted my hair to grow long for so many years, I wanted to be a pre-Raphaelite type with hair down to my waist, but being that it's naturally curly, it just wouldn't do so, not for me anyway. Before I took the plunge back in 2015, see here for what it was like before I let Guy, my stylist, touch it, mine's the colour photo by the way ;) it did actually reach past my shoulder blades, but the curl pulled it up. It flat refused to look any longer than it did in that photo and always, always looked shorter at the back, which is just odd, so I always wore it up.

I took the plunge and got Guy, curl expert extraordinaire, to do his magic and have been going to him ever since for this graduated bob. Finding a stylist you trust when you have curly hair is like finding the Holy Grail. I love my hair shorter anyway. So it won't grow to my waist, but it looks lovely short I think.

It was also looking washed out, so Andy dyed it for me, so now it looks a lot better, but although Andy doesn't mind some red, he prefers my hair darker. As does Guy. I may be alone in my red hair love.

But back to the clothes and what not.

I tried turning my belt round, to see what it would look like.
Metal clasp on my spine.
Mmmm, comfy.

Red and green chiffon hair scarves - vintage, nan me down and a gift
White metal flower earrings - Accessorize
Jade necklace - me made
Dress - 'Lana' Lindy Bop
Belt - Hell Bunny
Petticoat - eBay
Jade and Haematite Bracelet - me made
Shoes - retail

And in closing, here's a car up at Meirionwen's place.
I believe, because it's outside, that it may be on its way to being restored, or turned into a hot-rod, as many of Meirionwen's Gang are in this sort of state, living there in storage until they're required for a customer.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Whole Lottie Love

I've been letting Andy choose my outfits again.
This time he chose 'Lottie', also from Lindy Bop.

I hadn't worn this since I got it last year, even though it was the dress I was most looking forward to arriving, and consequently the one I was most concerned about not turning up, knowing first hand about Lindy Bop and their overselling shenanigans.

The reason I hadn't worn it was because I didn't realise the fabric would look quite so evening-esque (it even rustles like taffeta), and I really don't go anywhere even remotely dressy, but when you let your husband pick your clothes, you end up wearing such dresses to National Trust properties.

Sunday dawned bright and hot and we were going back to Mottisfont Abbey, a place last visited on January 2nd, and we, okay, I thought it was high time to experience it in summer.
But I digress.

This dress is wonderfully floaty, but is made from polyester, so I was a bit concerned that I might overheat with temperatures predicted to be high. I was already melting come 9am, stood in the kitchen which frequently reaches the mid 90's, while ironing Andy's shirt for him.

I purposely only wore minimal jewellery, as necklaces can feel a tad 'sticky' in hot weather, so I left that out of the mix, but as you can see, Lottie has an unusual neckline, so it was redundant anyway.

The bodice is just about long enough on me, the skirt too, but the neckline does something odd.
The sleeves, which are cap like, have a tendency to bunch inward, for instance, were you to use your arms, which as a human being, I do, fairly regularly and that causes the front of the bodice to gape outwards.

It's here that I started noticing a trend in Lindy Bop bodices, when they have a wrap front, they often suffer from a gaping problem with the bodice, leading me to keep referring to it as a LBG (Lindy Bop Gape) problem and I now rate them on a one to ten sliding scale of Hoochie-ness. One being positively virginal and ten being Vintagey Hoochie Mama.

Lottie is definitely a problem, for me anyway, if I use my arms (an occupational hazard) and if I lean forward. I only discovered this once at Mottisfont, when reapplying sun cream and realised as I leant forward to do my legs, that if anyone was any closer, I would be flashing them my bra! The reality was, I could have fit about two squirrels down my top if I leant forward.
Yes, I also have a squirrel rating.

Long story short, I was warm, it was mid 80's this day, but my biggest problem was keeping a grip on the plastic coated handle of my parasol! My hands got extremely hot and the thing kept sliding out of my grip!

My feet were also too hot in my elderly ballet flats.

Red chiffon hair scarf - vintage, nan me down
Diamnate hairgrip attached to scarf - gift
Dress - Lottie, Lindy Bop
Petticoat - eBay
Shoes - retail

Parasol - gift
Sunglasses - prescription
Plastic woven bag - had for years
Earrings - Accesorize
Bracelet - George Rain Jewellery

I rate this dress, because of the bodice shenanigans, five on the Hoochie scale and two on the squirrel scale.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Oh Beautiful Lana

I'm getting into the swing of outfit posts!
Isn't summer so much easier when it comes to such things?

Oh, beautiful Lana
I told it my mama
And my dad
What I had
Was the sweetest
And the neatest
Little girl
In the world

Oh beautiful Lana
Don't you know that I wanna
Hug and kiss you
And Let you know that I miss you
While we're apart
Oh my heart
All it can say is


This is the 'Lana' dress from Lindy Bop.
I asked Andy to pick me a dress to wear on this day and had an instinct this is what he would pick and I was right.
He also picked out the hair scarf which was a gift from lovely Vix.

There are no problems with sizing with this dress, which is why I have so many 'Lana' dresses. If I was to make a fuss, an inch or two in skirt length would be nice, but it's fine really, no real problems at all.

I picked the earrings, little metal lilac flowers, as the dress too, has little lilac flowers and the me made necklace which is made from imperial jasper.

The shoes are old ones from Joe Browns, and I adore them, but they needed a repair the night before as the upper shoe was coming apart from the wedge part. They seemed okay by morning, after spending the night with the weight of a chair laden with heavy books on top (1000 Vegan Recipes, Cars of the Late 60's and Warhol, if you're interested!).

However, I then wore this outfit last Friday, to pick up my labradorite disc from a jewellers and we were then moving on to a National Trust arboretum.

First, we went to the bespoke jewellers I won the gift voucher from at last years car show. This years car show had just been on, so I knew I had to use my voucher now as it was getting silly. However, I couldn't afford to have my labradorite made into anything, as it was way, way out of my price range, so picked out this beautiful little faceted rose quartz bracelet with magnetic silver clasp.
I love it! I've adored rose quartz since I was in my teens, it's so delicately beautiful and I couldn't be happier with this.

Then onward to the arboretum and the pesky heel of my shoes came unglued as I was being adventurous going down some steps. And then I lost my balance because of this and hurt my leg.

But I can guarantee you that I was the most vibrantly dressed visitor this day, brighter even than the kiddies! My post about the trip is coming soon.

Anyway, after the arboretum, where we debated a cuppa at the café, but figured they wouldn't have soy milk for me, then realised we didn't have any money anyway, we moved on to a few places trying to find me a flask so I could have a cuppa when we were out and about. I wanted a flamingo one, as you do if you're me, but the one I had seen on Amazon didn't have good reviews, so we trawled around a few garden centres trying to see what they had and found absolutely nothing. I had to make do with ordering a 'normal' one once home.

I did find flamingos though: a soft toy, a watering can, an umbrella, paper cups and plates and these fine fellows, but the only flamingos to come home with me were the ones on my handbag:

As we were passing through a small village near here, we popped in a charity shop and as always, I made a beeline to handbags (nothing), gloves (two pairs, one looked modern and one pair was horribly stained and I wasn't sure they would clean up well and as they were in a locked cabinet, I figured they would have a higher price tag and I could feasibly spend money on gloves which would never clean up nicely) and then moved to the scarves and had a good dig through a seemingly bottomless basket and voila!

Can you see it? It's one of my trademark 50's/60's chiffon scarves and is a soft buttery colour with gold thread stitching at the hem. I then remembered we had no money of any consequence on either of us. I asked the lady how much, as these charmingly ramshackle little charity shops usually charge around £1.50 for scarves and she looked pityingly at the one I was wafting about and said, "20p?" like she thought asking that much for such a sorry sight was criminal. We managed to scrape together 20p and I left, very, very happy with my 20p scarf. This is the least I have ever paid for one.

Then, when I got home, I tried to put it with my other scarves and first attempted to put it with the yellows, as all my scarves are tied up in rainbow order, but it looked white next to the vibrant yellows I already have. So, I moved it next to the white one and then it looked really yellow. It ended up with the yellows.
These are the problems of the compulsive organiser ladies and gentlemen.

And that was that!
My leg though, still really hurts. 

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Good Night Mary Ellen!

It's another outfit post, another dress and another Lindy Bop dress at that!

I also have 'small hair' as it's just been washed.
The wonders of naturally curly hair # 2637: my curls need wetting daily (not washing, that is a once weekly job otherwise it's permanently flyaway and frizzy and as curly hair is naturally dry, frequent washing isn't recommended, as it needs the natural oils which washing strips away).
I have to 'wet it' daily as I get awful bedhead and the hair pixies run rampant through my hair every night, arranging it into ridiculous styles and sometimes when they are extra naughty, they put it into knots.
A daily 'wet' with the added application of some sort of product, means by day three after washing, it's gained volume and is looking fabulous again.

Anyway ... the outfit.

I would have worn a green scarf twisted in with the black rather than pink, but alas, my only green scarf is much darker and lighter would have been better. So, I went with pink.

I also would have worn my pink petticoat, but the dress is so floaty and the pink petticoat quite spiky for want of a better word and would have caught the lightweight fabric. So, I wore white and after typing that, realised you can't even see it, so that was a pointless explanation, wasn't it!

This dress is so wonderfully floaty and I adore the colour. 

These photos involved much bolting back inside, as our neighbour was in and out like a jack in the box. Inconsiderate I call it.

Pink and black chiffon hair scarves - Vintage, gifts from Vix and Curtise
Jewellery - me made, Accessorize and gift from Andy
Dress - Lindy Bop 'Mary Ellen'
Petticoat - eBay
Shoes - Charity shop

I made the necklace and the earrings I was initially wearing, years ago now, when I first started making jewellery. The necklace is made of clear quartz, rose quartz carved beads and the earrings rose quartz and I think, obsidian.

Andy was sorting out the bookcase yesterday and unearthed box upon box of my semi precious beads. So many! I really want to start making jewellery again, but have no findings and can't afford sterling silver, so I may possibly downgrade to silver plate.

I then remembered that I had these earrings, so swapped over, as I far prefer studs.

And then the clasp fell off the necklace, reminding me why I hadn't worn it in an age, I needed to reattach it. I used a silly little jump ring which wasn't strong enough for the job and it gave out under the weight of the beads.
So I changed to this, a birthday gift from Andy one year.

In other news ...
We watched Legend on Sunday night, the most recent film about The Kray Brothers. I had heard it was good, but I was surprised to find I really did genuinely enjoy it. Tom Hardy was excellent in the roles of both Ronnie and Reggie and there was a hefty dollop of humour throughout, needed I suppose, to counteract the reality of what the brothers were like. I particularly enjoyed Ronnie, he made me laugh throughout.

Also, lovely cars, lovely clothes, and wonderful interior design throughout.

Yes, it was long and I have a notoriously short attention span, but I sat through the whole thing ... in one go! Go me! It wasn't one of those instalment films I end up creating!

Monday, 12 June 2017

I Vote For Longer Dresses

Voting day here in the south of England dawned dreary, overcast and rainy and it certainly looked chilly outside.
Our landlord put a smart boiler in a couple or three years ago. This means that the heating only comes on if the temperature dips below a certain point and once it's reached the ideal temperature, it cuts out again. It's saved us oodles on bills I must say. Anyway, I had forgotten to turn the boiler to summer mode, and the heating popped itself on early on Thursday morning which took me by surprise. It just confirmed my thoughts that this is turning into a very odd June. Andy remarked that it's almost like our unusually dry April and our chilly and rainy June swapped places.

Consequently, I didn't want to wear a sleeveless dress out, so had a dig through my wardrobe, pulling out this dress, as I did so, realising that I hadn't yet worn it.

Why? When I have had it since early last year?
Length and weird bodice length, that's why.
I kept hold of it as it was so pretty and I intended adding skirt length with some pretty trim.

However, there are only two shops in town that sell haberdashery bits and bobs. One is a curtain and upholstery shop and to give you an idea of their prices, the last time I went in there, their Velcro was sold male and female strips separately (almost £2 a yard ... metre, sorry, I default to imperial, always do, it drives Andy nuts).
Their pricing makes the often overpriced for haberdashery HobbyCraft (compared to Fabric Land that is) cheap as chips. And who buys male and female Velcro separately anyway?
The other shop is somewhat out of my price range too, with many fabrics starting at £15 per metre (not yard *cough*) but my, they are sooooo, pretty.
I tried eBay, who had coloured broderie anglais trim, but I would rather not gamble
with colours 'as seen' on screen.

But still, the length wasn't to be an issue, as I was going to employ the red petticoat trick again.

Overall, I love this dress, but could do without the belt cutting me across my ribs ...

I could also do without having such grainy photographs, but that's why you get for not putting the flash on!

Our neighbour remarked how bright I was on such a dreary day (what better way to brighten up a trip to the polling station, in an almost luminous red petticoat!) and a lady in town told me I looked fantastic. Andy also accused me of 'making a show' with my flamingo umbrella, stating that I didn't really need to use it, it was all for effect. Twasn't for show, it was raining

Outfit Details:
Pink chiffon hair scarf - vintage, gift from Curtise
Dress - 'Courtney' Lindy Bop
Petticoat x 2 - eBay
Shoes - charity shop

* * *

Imperial or Metric?
Ever felt the need to buy a strip of female Velcro?

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Giftage and An Outfit Post

While washing up the other day, I saw a Parcel Force van pull up. For a moment I thought, please be in, I don't want to take in packets for the neighbours as all too often, it's the same places and they either don't come for their packet, we have to go to them, or it's for the people who completely blank us. Good enough to take in your parcels, but not good enough to say hello when we're right outside? No, I don't want any part of that nonsense. Manners cost nothing.

Anyway, there was a knock on our door straight away and I was handed a packet. I could not think why it was being delivered here, unless it was a late birthday gift for Andy, but no, it was for me! From Ann!

I had been looking through the telly listings when I saw a mini documentary (5 minutes long) was being shown, about the Brussels Expo '58 event, and mentioned it to Ann, who had done two blog posts about the event, which I loved. She was kind enough to offer to send me a book and DVD of Expo 58!

She also sent me a beautiful pale green scarf. Greens and purples together make me very happy, it's a favourite colour combination of mine. I also like fuchsia and emerald green.

There was also a bird brooch, which is so delicate! I love it. Andy commented that it looks Christmassy. It's the gold bird right in the middle of the picture.

These brooches are a combination of childhood ones (the butterfly, Golly, Bambi and the blue one), gifts, inherited and lucky finds in charity shops, vintage emporiums and the antique shop I strike gold in regularly.

There was also a flamingo card. Thank you so much Ann, you're an angel xxx

I thought I would also, while I'm here, and while I was remembering to take photos (but while I was also forgetting to take pictures of the card and Expo items!) show the gloves I got for Christmas from my mum and step dad. Aren't they pretty. They're brand new Dents gloves and it's a shame, but they're just a smidge loose, but I have small hands and slender fingers, so it was inevitable. They're certainly wearable though.

A quick outfit to end with. I have tried to get outfit shots for my blog on numerous occasions, but seem to have been left with endless photos of myself that I just don't like, most likely to do with having two months of being terribly poorly, with no break between episodes, merely an overlap, making me feel twice as terrible. I look worn down and tired most of the time.
I have but two photos to share.

Black vintage hair scarf - gift from Vix
Polka dot Western style blouse - retail, had for a few years now
Belt - Hell Bunny
Circle Skirt - Lindy Bop
Petticoats x 2 - eBay, two because they have lost oomph
Ballet Flats - retail, they have a hole in the sole but are better than the newer ones I have

I then went out in this outfit, with my heels on and got myself two compliments from people on the street, so that made me feel a bit better about everything :)