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Monday, 23 October 2017

Why Not?

The Folly Bird is six years old today! I have 'met' some lovely people in my six years here at blogger, so happy birthday to me!

In other news, I recently saw a man riding a Penny Farthing. He was dressed the part too. As he passed me by, I thought: "Why not?" because, well, why not?

Last week we were at a National Trust property. As we entered the gift shop, I heard someone say, "Oh ... teapots." As I was wearing this dress, I knew they were talking about me:

Instinctively I turned and got into a conversation with the woman working the till. She told me a woman who used to work there would have loved my dress, quickly adding that she did too. She then started on about that was how women used to dress, "But," she added, "you're just going for a walk!" I commented that I must stand out from the usual NT visitors, to which another woman working the till nodded her absolute agreement. I had already that day been asked by another visitor if I was there for a film set! A little part of me wanted to say, "I'm visiting Anne Messel's home, I thought I had better dress up." but didn't, as that wasn't strictly true, I was simply dressed. Our friend Carol once said to me that her mother brought her up to always remember that when she went out, other people had to look at her, so to always look her best.

The conversation culminated in her asking me if I had made my dress myself, to which I replied I had. She then threw me completely and asked, "Why did you choose that fabric? Because it is quirky". Initially, I was thinking, "Why not chose teapot fabric?" but as she was looking at me for an answer, I started rambling about originally wanting border print fabric, but when they had none, looked for an alternate choice and stumbled across this. "And as I love tea," I continued, tailing off, as frankly, I didn't know what else to say.

So that was a first for me, having my fabric choices questioned! Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever been asked why in relation to your outfit?

Thursday, 21 September 2017

The Goodwood Revival Refugee Round Up

The Refugee Part

My glasses the day I got them

My glasses lenses have a special coating on them, which has started to deteriorate (I have had them for five years now), so, off we went to Chichester so I could have my eyes tested again so I could get new lenses. Andy dropped me off, as I was having terrible shoe problems and went to park the car. (the shoes further down in this post murdered my feet and I was wearing heels for the first time since Spring). I did peruse the other frames, but there were none as nice as my current frames, so I'm just having them re-glazed.
Oh! There were cute knitted toys in the waiting area! I loved this tiger ...

I also saw a flamingo, but was about to take a picture, when they called me for my appointment. You can just see its head.
Then after mooching around HMV, Andy went back for the car and collected me. As he pulled up to the kerb to find me loitering outside a hotel, he said I looked like a refugee from the Goodwood Revival, hehe! Goodwood is as near as dammit to Chichester, so I get a lot of people asking me if I go to, or am going, to the Revival when I'm there! I was getting a lot of stares, but maybe that's to do with a little something I was wearing, which may have been a What Katie Did bullet bra! But the same refugee thought had crossed my mind, I thought myself that I looked like I had been left behind from the previous weekend! It's a shame that tickets to the Revival are so pricey, as I'd love to go again.

The Music Part
I have long overdue new music! Ritchie Valens (so good), Buddy Holly (four early albums) and Dion & the Belmonts (ridiculously good. Honestly, I cannot express just how much I love this album. Dion has an incredible voice) and a late fifties, early sixties R&B compilation..

The Furry Part
Yesterday we went to see Luke, the drummer in Andy's band, because he has new kittens! Sixteen week old Abyssinian kittens to be precise! Ra and Sep (or Seph or indeed Seth). I was prepared for cuteness, but not MEGA big eared kitteh cuteness. For goodness sake, when handed Ra, he climbed up on my shoulder and settled down for a nap there! He was purring away, with his soft fur brushing my cheek. Then he turned and nestled his face up to mine and I could feel his soft ears. Awww, he was so cute! He stayed there napping for the longest time. Luke said that they were very dog like, in that they would jump up at you for attention, which I was a little sceptical about, until downstairs, I felt a tugging on my petticoat and looked down to see Sep pawing at my skirts, so I scooped him up for a cuddle. A little later, while Andy and Luke were preoccupied with GarageBand on Luke's iPad, I crouched down to play with the kittens and Sep vanished under my skirts and was having a whale of a time scooting around in amongst my petticoats! When they were locked in the bathroom briefly, the yowling was heart wrenching and I looked down to see little paws poking out underneath the door, so of course, who doesn't want to play with kitten paws? I reached down and stroked their perfect little paws and to my delight, they started purring! And the oddest thing is, they were patting my fingers with their paws, but there were no claws involved at all they were so gentle. I can tell you something, it was hard to leave them! 

The Charity Shop Part

I wanted soup cups and lo I found them with no effort on my part! I love it when a plan I have put no effort into comes together. On my return from a dentist appointment, I wandered into the new charity shop in town and came wandering back out with six of these! I knew I would have hankered after them had I left them behind. It's a shame I couldn't bring the kidney shaped dressing table home with me too. Odd how the two things I have been most vocal about of late turned up in the same charity shop.

The Sad, Feathered Part
Later in the day yesterday, on the way to see Meirionwen, we passed through a village and saw a wood pigeon just sat on the pavement. I looked back as we passed, concerned and saw a cyclist on the pavement go by and just look at it and it didn't move. I know pigeons are prone to just sitting there and not moving until you're right up to them, but this one didn't move, and I just knew something was amiss. This was at 6pm and we knew that in an hour and a half or so, it was going to start getting dark and if it didn't move, then it was easy prey for a fox and prior to that, prey to cats or dogs. So, Andy turned round and we got the carrier we always have in the car for these reasons out of the boot and Andy popped the pigeon inside. It was too late to go to the bird hospital, so we decided to take it home, give it food, warmth and shelter and go to the bird hospital first thing, but sadly, as we got to Meirionwen, the poor thing died. Andy's going to bury it today.

The eBay Part
I found this vintage iris glass necklace for only a little more than I paid for the matching earrings. It was a snip at £5.99.

The earrings were £3 in an antique shop in town and purchased years ago now. So, so pretty. Now I need a matching brooch and bracelet.

The Gift Part
Speaking of brooches, my pen pal Emily sent me these pretty brooches. Sorry about the poor picture quality.

And dear Kezzie sent me this flamingo brooch and a key ring which I forgot to take a picture of.

And my friend Tara sent me flamingo ribbon!

The New Things Part

I wore these around the house and on short haul trips and they were fine. Then the day I went just a smidge further, the awful things tore my heels to shreds! I put heel grips in and they seemed marginally better, but then started acting up again. Of course, they chose their moment to really get revenge on me for wearing them. I had to take Bob to the vet and my the time I got there, my feet were bleeding and I had blisters on my toes. It was a half an hour limp home, when in should have taken half that time, in which I attracted much attention. I mentioned this to Andy, with a sense of why, who said, "Fifties woman, limping, with a rabbit ... why do you think they were staring?"
And there is of course the bullet bra, but I'll do a whole post on that soon.

And that's that! We're off to Polesden Lacey tomorrow, to see the house properly, before they close up for winter cleaning!

Monday, 17 July 2017

Kelly Ann and Pennywise

Did you miss me? Andy's been on holiday so I purposely stayed off line for
my own little holiday. 

For now, a quick outfit post which I forgot to post before Andy finished work. The place is in chaos and I want to get it back in order before I can even think about putting together new posts and reading blogs. 

* * *

Andy's choice on this day, Lindy Bop's 'Kelly Ann'.
I am so annoyed as either I have, ahem, increased in size up top, or this dress has shrunk.
Either way, it's definitely shorter than when I last wore it, a year ago (whoops!). 

Compare, contrast.
This year ...

Last year.
I added the broderie anglais trim to the hem, to make it this long as it was of course, too short, and now, although it fits well everywhere else, it feels too tight across my bust and is obviously much shorter.

Back to this year.

It is a pretty dress though, this is more typically the sort of dress I'd choose for myself, if I wasn't taking Andy's advice and jumping out of my comfort zone print and colour wise.

Pink and white chiffon hair scarves - charity shop and gift
Metal flower earrings - Accessorize
Dress- Lindy Bop 'Kelly Ann'
Petticoat - eBay
Shoes - retail

So, the past fortnight has seen lots of day trips which I'm looking forward to writing about here and I picked up a long neglected book to read ... Stephen King's 'It'. You may recall, I purchased this as my October read last year, but I always have difficulties with King's novels. Initially they are hard for me to get into and then suddenly, I am hooked and can't put them down and wade through huge swathes of the book in one sitting.

Short story:
This year there is a new adaptation of 'It' and the child actors were warned about how scary Pennywise was, as they weren't to see him until they were on set, so there would be a true sense of terror stemming from their first encounter. They insisted they were professionals and it would all be okay ... until they saw him that is and they were all terrified!

2017 Pennywise Vs 1990 Pennywise
Who's scarier?

Likewise, I was pre-warned that if I wasn't scared of clowns before reading 'It', I would be after and much like the child actors, I pooh-poohed this as it was only a book. Wrong! I am now starting to get a little spooked by clowns. Also, Andy said to me the other day while in the kitchen, "There's a balloon out here" and instead of thinking, "Oh, hot air balloon", which it was, I was automatically thinking of Pennywise and his red balloons. So that's clowns and balloons. Thank you Mr King, I very much appreciate it!

But for now, onward to domesticity! The bed is covered (no exaggeration) in clothes to be ironed, which I chose to ignore as it was my holiday too and I also got diagnosed with BPPV (Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) which on top of my permanent lack of balance and daily dizziness, has been enormous fun (she said sarcastically). So, I didn't really want to be stood at an ironing board in hot weather, with the sensation that someone was pushing me over.

So, I'm off, bye bye lovelies!

Friday, 30 June 2017

Lana's Back

I chose my own dress this day!
This is another of my Lindy Bop 'Lana' dresses and is my current favourite, it's just so pretty.
Andy thinks it looks Christmassy with it's red, white and green floral print.
It also would be perfect for a trip to Wales, or to just accompany Meirionwen somewhere, but maybe that's just too subtle a Welsh reference?

So far I have shown you four of my 'Lana's'. My turquoise and leopard ones feel not so full in the skirt and are a little shorter, while this and the green one are longer and both feel a little looser in the bodice with the skirts looking and feeling far more voluminous and this one has pockets.

I have also had my hair cut and dyed. Crikey, it's short!
It isn't clipped up in any way at all here, this is it worn loose!

I wanted my hair to grow long for so many years, I wanted to be a pre-Raphaelite type with hair down to my waist, but being that it's naturally curly, it just wouldn't do so, not for me anyway. Before I took the plunge back in 2015, see here for what it was like before I let Guy, my stylist, touch it, mine's the colour photo by the way ;) it did actually reach past my shoulder blades, but the curl pulled it up. It flat refused to look any longer than it did in that photo and always, always looked shorter at the back, which is just odd, so I always wore it up.

I took the plunge and got Guy, curl expert extraordinaire, to do his magic and have been going to him ever since for this graduated bob. Finding a stylist you trust when you have curly hair is like finding the Holy Grail. I love my hair shorter anyway. So it won't grow to my waist, but it looks lovely short I think.

It was also looking washed out, so Andy dyed it for me, so now it looks a lot better, but although Andy doesn't mind some red, he prefers my hair darker. As does Guy. I may be alone in my red hair love.

But back to the clothes and what not.

I tried turning my belt round, to see what it would look like.
Metal clasp on my spine.
Mmmm, comfy.

Red and green chiffon hair scarves - vintage, nan me down and a gift
White metal flower earrings - Accessorize
Jade necklace - me made
Dress - 'Lana' Lindy Bop
Belt - Hell Bunny
Petticoat - eBay
Jade and Haematite Bracelet - me made
Shoes - retail

And in closing, here's a car up at Meirionwen's place.
I believe, because it's outside, that it may be on its way to being restored, or turned into a hot-rod, as many of Meirionwen's Gang are in this sort of state, living there in storage until they're required for a customer.

Friday, 16 June 2017


I will listen from music from the time I'm up, non stop until Andy's home, as he gets bored of my never-ending pre 1962 tunes! Oddly, most of the time, when he walks back through the front door, Ricky Nelson is playing, which leads him to tease me about playing nothing but Ricky. Even if he isn't playing, he jokes that I saw him coming and changed it from Ricky to someone else!

Within my preferred time, I listen to a wide array of music: rock and roll, proper R&B, doo wop, rockabilly, country, blues, though not too bluesy as I need a hefty dollop of rhythm with my blues to make it palatable, crooners, 50's and early 60's pop.

People usually have pre-conceived notions about me from the way I dress and they usually assume I like Elvis Presley, hence this post!

Singers from reading my blog you may have guessed I like. And indeed I do:

Buddy Holly

I like odd affectations in voices. In fact, this can make me turn on a sixpence and label something my favourite song of the moment! I like voices which break a little on a particular word, an odd way of pronouncing something, hoarseness, you get the picture. So, Buddy Holly's distinctive voice, is just my cup of tea.

The Everly Brothers

So dreamy. Nothing more needs to be said.

Singers from reading my blog you may have assumed I like. And I don't, not really:

Elvis Presley

It isn't that I don't like him, it's that I don't choose to listen to him and there are only
certain songs I like and they are very few in number.
There are others I would choose to listen to over him. 

Roy Orbison

Yes, he can sing, I openly acknowledge that, but I just don't like his voice, except on slower tracks and consequently, only really like In Dreams and Crying.
I hate, hate, hate Pretty Woman.  

Little Richard

Don't know what it is, I simply have no desire to own anything by him.
I like The Girl Can't Help It but that's it really. 

Bill Haley

I don't like his voice, simple as that.
I do like The Comets though, they are an incredible band!

Chuck Berry

I admit, he was a talented musician, but after a while, it all starts sounding really samey. 
There are records he did which I like, but I don't tend to listen to him by choice.

Cliff Richard
Just no.
In fact, I'd go as far as to say NO!
Actually, NEVER!

Singers from reading my blog now, that even I would never have guessed I would ever like:

Hank Williams

I never, ever liked country singers and still don't like modern country and by that, note that I think anything past 1962 is modern. It's one of my endearing quirks ;)
Listening to a steady stream of rock and roll, got me on to rockabilly, then listen to enough of that and you start to hear the country influence and after listening to Warren Smith, a lot, I then heard on a film soundtrack, something by Hank Williams and was suddenly open to hearing more and now I absolutely love him.

Jerry Lee Lewis

One of my favourites, who I would never have guessed I would like, because as a child, he scared me! I was trying to think how I would have been exposed to him. It was the actual sight of Jerry Lee that scared me, and am guessing, as my nan wasn't music minded and my granddad was all about Jim Reeves, my mum wasn't so much about music, but my step dad was, and to my knowledge, he isn't a fan of The Killer, that I must have seen him on some Alan Freed music vehicle as when I was wee, Alan Freed fascinated me. An early memory is of me being alone and him being on the telly and me sitting right up close, about a foot away from the telly, gazing at him in wonder. I was an odd child! 

Gene Vincent & the Blue Caps

Andy likes Gene Vincent, but even after trying to brainwash myself by playing him over and over in the car, I just couldn't get along with his music. Then I heard him speak and he was so softly spoken, that I immediately came round as I am all about voices *cough*shallow*cough*
Mind you, one of his band really unsettles me (the one on the right, clapping), in the same way Jerry Lee did. Must be the wild musician thing!

Johnny Burnette

I'm not talking the You're Sixteen Johnny, I'm talking rockabilly Johnny. I got Andy a CD once and hated it on first listen. Then as my ears became acclimatised to such things, I found him easier and easier to listen to. Now I label one of his songs one of my all time favourites.

Other Music Type Things I Just Adore:

Trad Jazz

I love it. But unless it's got a mad clarinet backed up with a just as mad trombone, I'm lukewarm and oh so very not interested.

Teen Romance Tunes

I can't help it and I offer no apologies! 
I like the innocence of these songs.
There's one song I love which opens with the line "Here she comes, the prettiest girl in town ..."
They just don't write them like that anymore, and that makes me sad.

Conversation Songs

One of my favourite conversation songs, for want of a better description, is Say Man by Bo Diddley and his right hand maraca man, Jerome Green. 
Have a listen.

Music Type Things I Really Don't Like:

Novelty Songs

I just cannot tolerate novelty songs. First listen I am fine, second, I start to get irritated.
The early sixties seems to be rife with such things. I really do not like things like Beatnik Fly by Johnny and the Hurricanes and Rockin' Goose.

I don't mind Link Ray's Rumble, Santo & Johnny's Sleepwalk and I ADORE Dick Dale's Miserlou, but I am very lyrically led, so records without lyrics don't do it for me. I think though, I would go as far as to say that Miserlou is my all time favourite record without lyrics. The mariachi section makes me beyond happy!

I am also not partial to things like Tequila which are largely instrumental but feature just one phrase.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Giftage and An Outfit Post

While washing up the other day, I saw a Parcel Force van pull up. For a moment I thought, please be in, I don't want to take in packets for the neighbours as all too often, it's the same places and they either don't come for their packet, we have to go to them, or it's for the people who completely blank us. Good enough to take in your parcels, but not good enough to say hello when we're right outside? No, I don't want any part of that nonsense. Manners cost nothing.

Anyway, there was a knock on our door straight away and I was handed a packet. I could not think why it was being delivered here, unless it was a late birthday gift for Andy, but no, it was for me! From Ann!

I had been looking through the telly listings when I saw a mini documentary (5 minutes long) was being shown, about the Brussels Expo '58 event, and mentioned it to Ann, who had done two blog posts about the event, which I loved. She was kind enough to offer to send me a book and DVD of Expo 58!

She also sent me a beautiful pale green scarf. Greens and purples together make me very happy, it's a favourite colour combination of mine. I also like fuchsia and emerald green.

There was also a bird brooch, which is so delicate! I love it. Andy commented that it looks Christmassy. It's the gold bird right in the middle of the picture.

These brooches are a combination of childhood ones (the butterfly, Golly, Bambi and the blue one), gifts, inherited and lucky finds in charity shops, vintage emporiums and the antique shop I strike gold in regularly.

There was also a flamingo card. Thank you so much Ann, you're an angel xxx

I thought I would also, while I'm here, and while I was remembering to take photos (but while I was also forgetting to take pictures of the card and Expo items!) show the gloves I got for Christmas from my mum and step dad. Aren't they pretty. They're brand new Dents gloves and it's a shame, but they're just a smidge loose, but I have small hands and slender fingers, so it was inevitable. They're certainly wearable though.

A quick outfit to end with. I have tried to get outfit shots for my blog on numerous occasions, but seem to have been left with endless photos of myself that I just don't like, most likely to do with having two months of being terribly poorly, with no break between episodes, merely an overlap, making me feel twice as terrible. I look worn down and tired most of the time.
I have but two photos to share.

Black vintage hair scarf - gift from Vix
Polka dot Western style blouse - retail, had for a few years now
Belt - Hell Bunny
Circle Skirt - Lindy Bop
Petticoats x 2 - eBay, two because they have lost oomph
Ballet Flats - retail, they have a hole in the sole but are better than the newer ones I have

I then went out in this outfit, with my heels on and got myself two compliments from people on the street, so that made me feel a bit better about everything :)